The first brew began summer 2015 between the towering peaks of the Colorado mountain and then continue traveling down south Baja California, Mexico. Vanessa was already a skilled Kombucha drinker before she got hold of her first SCOBY. After a few weeks of intense study, she started to brew her own batch.

It’s quite an undertaking to start your own business while working a full-time job and raising a four-year-old son, but Vanessa managed to pull it through and Cali Kombucha was born. In the two years that followed, she managed to fill all the roles in production, sales, delivery, and administration herself, the do it all boss lady. It was intense and hard work, but it slowly started to pay off.

Cali Kombucha sales locally in San José del Cabo, Pescadero, Todos Santos, always with great sucess, and great feed back. Sales continued to grow in health food stores, organic stores, tea shops, restaurants, coffee shops, private events, hotels, and at ower local organic market. Serving not only bottles but also on tap, kombucha cocktails, and pop up events. Vanessa keeps on working, highly motivated, and passionate about Kombucha. Proud to say that Cali Kombucha is the first kombucha brewed locally since 2016.


We offer handcrafted gourmet beverages that are both healthy and delicious. We are committed to give back to the community by using local sourced ingredients when available and recycle as much as possible. We will do our best to teach people about gut health and a healthier and conscious lifestyle.

Vanessa Mada (Founder & Brew Master) at Mercado Orgánico de San José del Cabo.

Vanessa Mada (Founder & Brew Master) at Mercado Orgánico de San José del Cabo.

We believe in fostering relationships with our local community & farmers who share our values & support sustainable agriculture and local growth.